DATE: September, 6

SUBJECT: Video #2

Last evening, at exactly 7:00PM, I received a call informing me that all of the files on the flash drive I previously intercepted at [REDACTED] residence had been recovered and decrypted.

In addition to the video, it contained a text file with a phone number which I immediately called. The call went to voicemail -- the greeting, in a digitally altered voice, appeared to give directions to the location of a second package at [REDACTED].

At 7:35PM, I left my residence and drove to [REDACTED]. As instructed, I removed the front panel from the utility box at the back of the premises, and found a padded envelope. Inside was an additional USB flash drive, and a handwritten note giving the coordinates [REDACTED] along with the date Monday, September 9. The note is currently being examined by forensics.

Here is the video that was on the drive…

Homeland Exclusive Featurette - Making The Choice Part 100:55

Homeland Exclusive Featurette - Making The Choice Part 1

This is an exclusive video featurette from Homeland Season 2, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on 9/10. We'll have more exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at Homeland S2 in the coming days!


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