DATE: September, 9

SUBJECT: Video #3

I've intercepted a third video. At approximately 8AM this morning, I left my residence and drove to the coordinates included in a handwritten message found at [REDACTED].

Upon determining that the coordinates led to a bandstand at the square in [REDACTED], I searched for a package similar to the previous two we've intercepted, ultimately removing a loose board at the center of the floor, and finding it there.

I retrieved the package, which contained an a USB drive, and returned to my vehicle. Driving home, I was followed by a black van for approximately four miles, before successfully losing them on the turnpike.

I've just arrived home and uploaded the following video from the drive. I think we have them...

Homeland Exclusive Featurette - Making The Choice Part 200:49

Homeland Exclusive Featurette - Making The Choice Part 2

This is an exclusive video featurette from Homeland Season 2, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on 9/10!


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