The Litvinov Ruse
Homeland 509 - The Litvinov Ruse
Season 5, Episode 9
Written by: Howard Gordon & Patrick Harbinson
Directed by: Tucker Gates
Production number: 5WAH09
Running time: 55 minutes
Original airdate: November 29, 2015

The Litvinov Ruse is the ninth episode of Season 5 of Homeland. It aired on November 29, 2015.


The CIA and BND make a play.

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Carrie explains to Saul the connection she found between Allison Carr and Ahmed Nazari. Needing hard evidence of her treason, they set up a plan with the intent of compelling Allison to reach out to her handler, in cooperation with the BND. First, Saul visits Allison at night, claiming that he's come to say goodbye, as he's been granted asylum by Israel. Saul spends the night, and while Allison sleeps, he clones her cell phone and plants a GPS tracker in her purse.

The next day, BND officers Astrid and Adler meet with Dar Adal and Allison, reporting that a high-ranking SVR chief has defected, and that he has documents detailing how the CIA's Berlin station has been compromised. After the meeting, Allison uses her phone to send a coded alert and books a trip to Copenhagen. As Carrie, Saul and BND personnel monitor Allison via drone and GPS, they see that she doesn't take her scheduled trip but instead drives to a safehouse. When Astrid recognizes Krupin as the man greeting Allison there, Saul orders their immediate arrest. Krupin becomes enraged when he realizes Allison has been tricked, but Allison reassures him and says she has a plan. They surrender peacefully. In an interrogation room with Dar Adal, Allison defiantly states that Krupin was an asset of hers, not vice versa.

Dr. Aziz tells Qasim that he has constructed a sealed chamber in which they can test the effectiveness of their sarin gas composition and that Quinn will be the test subject. He also shows Qasim a sarin antidote they can use to limit its effects if the chamber leaks. When Qasim brings food to Quinn, Quinn describes the horrific effects of sarin, and tries to convince Qasim to prevent the attack on innocent people in Berlin. As Quinn is taken to the chamber, Qasim signals to him to run. When he does, Qasim tackles him and covertly injects him with the antidote. Quinn is then brought into the chamber and the gas is turned on. Quinn begins frothing at the mouth and convulsing as the episode ends.


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