Super Powers
Homeland 503 - Super Powers
Season 5, Episode 3
Written by: Alex Gansa & Meredith Stiehm
Directed by: Keith Gordon
Production number: 5WAH03
Running time: 58 minutes
Original airdate: October 18, 2015
Viewers: 1.11

Super Powers is the third episode of Season 5 of Homeland.  It aired on October 18, 2015.


Jonas and Carrie revisit her past. Quinn stalks his prey.

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Carrie and Jonas retreat to a secluded cabin. In order to solve who is trying to kill her, Carrie elects to temporarily go off her bi-polar medications, feeling her intellect is sharper without them. As they investigate Carrie's past, Jonas is confronted with the knowledge that 167 civilians were killed by actions authorized by Carrie while in Kabul, which leads to an argument. Jonas leaves Carrie alone for the night, during which Carrie gets drunk.

Saul Berenson meets with Otto During to ask about Carrie's current whereabouts, but gets no answers. Saul then gives Allison Carr the news that she will be remaining in Berlin as station chief, despite the demands of the BND. A subsequent scene reveals that Saul and Allison are having an affair.

In order to draw Jonas away from Carrie, Peter Quinn kidnaps Jonas' son and leaves him tied up in a van in a location where he will eventually be found.

Numan makes contact with Laura Sutton and attempts to give her the remaining CIA documents, but when Laura later loads the USB drive on her computer, she finds nothing. Numan is met with hostility when he tells fellow hacker Korzenik that he gave everything to Laura. Korzenik, having switched the USB drives and now in possession of the documents, offers to sell them to a Russian diplomat who frequents the brothel.

When Jonas returns in the morning, he finds Carrie incoherent and forces her to take her medication. Jonas gets a call from his ex-wife about his son being missing. Carrie fears that it must be a ruse orchestrated by her would-be assassin. Jonas leaves, while Carrie hides in the nearby forest armed with a rifle. After nightfall, Quinn arrives and is shot in the back by Carrie. Quinn, not disabled by the shot due to wearing body armor, flanks Carrie, grabs her from behind and chokes her unconscious.


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