Sekou Bah
Sekou Bah
Status: Deceased
Profession: Delivery man
Mother: Aby Bah
Sibling(s): Simone Bah (sister)
Significant other(s): Saad Mashud (friend)
Played by: J. Mallory McCree
Seasons: 6
First episode: "Fair Game"
Last episode: "A Flash of Light"

Sekou Bah was a young Nigerian Muslim man living in New York with his mother and sister, having emigrated from Nigeria.


Emigrating to the US from Nigeria as a child with his mother and sister, he became a radicalized Muslim through posting videos online, which led to his eventual arrest.

He was soon freed and went back to his job as a delivery van driver but perished when the van exploded due to a bomb being planted on it.

Behind the Scenes


Season 6
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