Sandy Bachman
Sandy Bachman
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: CIA
Profession: CIA Station Chief in Pakistan
Played by: Corey Stoll
Seasons: 4
First episode: "The Drone Queen"

Sandy Bachman (died 2014) was the CIA chief of station in Pakistan. He was apparently killed by an irate mob of locals after his face was aired on the news in connection with the (unintended) CIA drone strike on a wedding in the process of targeting another suspect. It was later discovered that Bachman's death was orchestrated by the ISI.


Bachman was married, with three kids. Videos of Bachman being stomped to death by the angry mob were posted on YouTube, much to the devastation of his family.

Season 4
The Drone Queen "Trylon and Perisphere" "Shalwar Kameez" "Iron in the Fire" "About a Boy"
"From A. to B. and Back Again" "Redux" "Halfway to a Donut" "There's Something Else Going On" "13 Hours in Islamabad"
"Krieg Nicht Lieb" "Long Time Coming"