Rudy McCoy
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Status: Alive
Affiliation': Central Intelligence Agency
Marital status: Single
Played by: Jonah Lotan
Seasons: 2
First episode: "The Smile"
Last episode: "Beirut is Back"

Rudy McCoy is a CIA officer who worked with Saul Berenson in Beirut.


Rudy seems to have worked in Beirut previously. He was assigned to protect Saul Barenson and Carrie Mathison while they were conducting an operation in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Behind the Scenes


Season 2
The Smile Beirut is Back "State of Independence" "New Car Smell" "Q&A"
"A Gettysburg Address" "The Clearing" "I'll Fly Away" "Two Hats" "Broken Hearts"
"In Memoriam" "The Choice"

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