Laura Sutton
Laura Sutton
Name: Laura Sutton
Status: Alive
Age: 30s
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Residence(s): Berlin, Germany
Affiliation: Düring Foundation
Profession: Journalist
Marital status: Single
Played by: Sarah Sokolovic
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 10 appearances
First episode: "Separation Anxiety"
Last episode: "A False Glimmer"

Laura Sutton is an American journalist who works for the Düring Foundation. She was portrayed by Sarah Sokolovic.


Laura Sutton has strong political convictions, especially concerning infomation privacy. Via various confidential sources and backchannels, she works to expose illegal german surveillance through the CIA.

Behind the Scenes


Season 5
Separation Anxiety The Tradition of Hospitality Super Powers Why Is This Night Different? Better Call Saul
Parabiosis Oriole "All About Allison" "The Litvinov Ruse" New Normal
Our Man in Damascus A False Glimmer