Julia Diaz
Julia Diaz
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Police officer
Marital status: Single
'Significant other(s): Peter Quinn (ex-boyfriend) (deceased)
Children: John Jr.
Played by: Daniella Pineda
Seasons: 2, 6
First episode: "Two Hats"
Last episode: "America First"(photograph)

Julia Diaz is a former girlfriend of John, alias Peter Quinn. The former couple have a son together, John Jr., who Quinn wasn't around to raise.


Early life

At an unknown time, Julia dated a man named John. The two later had a baby, John Jr., but John wasn't around to help raise him. (Two Hats)

Behind the Scenes


Season 2
"The Smile" "Beirut is Back" "State of Independence" "New Car Smell" "Q&A"
"A Gettysburg Address" "The Clearing" "I'll Fly Away" Two Hats "Broken Hearts"
"In Memoriam" "The Choice"
Season 6
"Fair Game" "The Man in the Basement" "The Covenant" "A Flash of Light" "Casus Belli"
"The Return" "Imminent Risk" "Alt. Truth" "Sock Puppets" "The Flag House"
"R for Romeo" "America First"

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