Ivan Krupin
Ivan Krupin
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Flag of Russia Russian
Residence(s): Berlin, Germany (former)
Wyoming (until his death)
Affiliation: SVR
Profession: Intelligence agent
Significant other(s): Allison Carr (associate) (deceased)
Kira (friend)
Played by: Mark Ivanir
Seasons: 5, 7
First episode: "Why Is This Night Different?"
Last episode: "Species Jump"

Ivan Krupin was a Russian intelligence agent who was an associate of Allison Carr.

In Season 5, he was found to be working alongside Allison Carr but he escaped being caught by the CIA while Allison was killed while trying to escape being arrested.  

As of Season 7, he was living in the witness protection programme in Wyoming.  Following a confrontation with fellow Russian Yevgeny Gromov, he was bound and gagged and his body dumped into the sea.  Saul ended up finding his crucifix necklace on the docks.

Behind the Scenes


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