Frannie Mathison
Status: Alive
Age: 4
Date of birth: 2013
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Father: Nick Brody (d. 2013)
Mother: Carrie Mathison
Sibling(s): Dana Brody (half-sister)
Chris Brody (half-brother)
Other family: Grandparents:
Frank Mathison (d. 2014)
Ellen Mathison
Maggie Dunn
Bill Dunn
Ruby Dunn
Josie Dunn
Played by: Luna and Lotta Pfitzer
Claire and McKenna Keane
Seasons: 4, 5, 6, 7
First episode: "The Drone Queen"
Frances "Frannie" Mathison is the daughter of Nick Brody and Carrie Mathison.


Born a few months after the death of her father, Frannie has his same ginger hair. Her grieving mother, Carrie struggled to raise her at first, including showing her where her father's family lived before they moved. She left Frannie under her sister Maggie's care while serving overseas.

After the death of her father Frank, Carrie returned from Pakistan to take on her responsibilities as her mother. Frannie moved to Germany with Carrie after she had left the CIA.

Following Carrie's return to the US, Frannie moved into an apartment to live with her in Brooklyn. She was taken away by CPS and placed in foster care after a S.W.A.T. team and journalists descended on Carrie's apartment after she had left Frannie in Quinn's care. Carrie claimed that he was trying to protect Frannie but the latter was placed into foster care when the court ruled that Carrie was an unfit mother.

Several months following Elizabeth Keane's inauguration, Carrie was seen with Frannie back in her custody as both were living with Carrie's sister Maggie and her family. Following an argument with Maggie over Carrie being absent every night, Carrie stormed out of the house with Frannie but her credit card was declined when she tried to check into a motel. Both of them ended up at Dante Allen's apartment which the FBI later stormed, scaring Frannie.

Frannie remains terrified following the events of the raid on Dante's apartment and Bill informs Carrie that Maggie is meeting with a lawyer in a bid to seek custody of their niece. However, Carrie is having none of it and shows up at Frannie's school, demanding to take her daughter away with her. She is stopped when she receives a phone call informing her that Dante is in the hospital and then receives a phone call from Dante himself, asking if she has been lying to him. He then tells her that Yevgeny is there with him and the latter attempts to smother him with a pillow as Carrie leaves her daughter behind and rushes to the hospital. She also has a vision of her knocking down her daughter.

Behind the Scenes


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