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Fara Sherazi
Fara S4
Name: Fara Sherazi
Status: Deceased (d.2014)
Birthplace: Unknown
Nationality: Persian/American
Religion: Muslim
Affiliation: CIA
Profession: Financial Analyst
Rank: Analyst
Expertise: Finances, Analyzing
Father: Unnamed
Marital status: Single
Other family: Masud Sharazi (uncle)
Played by: Nazanin Boniadi
Seasons: 3, 4
First episode: Uh... Oo... Aw...
Fara Sherazi is a young professional Persian analyst who assists Saul in linking the Langley bombing to Majid Javadi. She lives with her father, who was, for a time, unaware of her job with the CIA, and believed her to be a banker until she was visited by the IG, or Inspector General (CIA), when she missed two days of work after the double homicide of Javadi's ex-wife, Fariba, and daughter-in-law, Susan.

Personality Edit

At a glance, Fara's wearing of the hijab gives the assumption that she is Muslim and should not be working for the CIA, as extracted and inferred when she is first introduced to the series. However, it is later shown that she truly cares for her the 'States.

People and Relationships Edit

Saul Berenson Edit

Fara was recruited by Saul. In the beginning, he was rather harsh toward her and judged her for working for the CIA and wearing a hijab, even in light of the bombing. Even after she has proved her worth to him, it is obvious that, like with Carrie, Saul manipulates Fara and takes advantage of her skills.

Carrie Mathison Edit

Carrie was rude to Fara.

Peter Quinn Edit


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