Etai Luskin
Etai Luskin
Status: Alive
Residence(s): Berlin, Germany
Profession: Israeli Ambassador to Germany
Spouse(s): Mrs. Luskin
Significant other(s): Saul Berenson (friend)
Played by: Allan Corduner
Seasons: 5, 6
Episodes: 7 appearances
First episode: "Super Powers"

Etai Luskin is the Israeli ambassador to Germany.


Behind the Scenes


Season 5
"Separation Anxiety" "The Tradition of Hospitality" Super Powers Why Is This Night Different? Better Call Saul
"Parabiosis" Oriole All About Allison The Litvinov Ruse "New Normal"
"Our Man in Damascus" "A False Glimmer"
Season 6
"Fair Game" "The Man in the Basement" "The Covenant" A Flash of Light "Casus Belli"
"The Return" "Imminent Risk" "Alt. Truth" "Sock Puppets" "The Flag House"
"R for Romeo" "America First"