Elizabeth Keane
Elizabeth Keane
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: President of the United States
'Significant other(s): Carrie Mathison (senior advisor)
Rob Emmons (chief of staff) (deceased)
David Wellington (chief of staff)
President Morse (predecessor)
Children: Andrew Keane (Deceased)
Played by: Elizabeth Marvel
Seasons: 6
First episode: "Fair Game"

Elizabeth Keane is the President of the United States.



Elizabeth Keane was recently elected President of the United States and is in transition mode. A former senator from New York and a native Manhattanite, Keane is direct, to the point, and not without charm. She had a son who died in combat in Iraq, and this, combined with a lack of foreign policy experience, gives the CIA plenty to worry about.

In the Season 6 finale, she became President but Saul was targeted by the police in an apparent crackdown on suspected illegal immigrants.

Behind the Scenes


Season 6
Fair Game The Man in the Basement The Covenant A Flash of Light Casus Belli
The Return Imminent Risk Alt. Truth "Sock Puppets" "The Flag House"
"R for Romeo" "America First"

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