David Wellington
David Wellington
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: White House Chief of Staff
Significant other(s): Rob Emmons (predecessor)
Simone Martin (on/off lover)
Played by: Linus Roache
Seasons: 6, 7
First episode: "America First"
David Wellington is the White House Chief of Staff to President Elizabeth Keane. He replaced the previous Chief of Staff Rob Emmons, who was killed in an assassination attempt on the President.


After Jamie McClendon mysteriously died in prison after being sentenced for the failed assassination attempt, Carrie suspected that Wellington may have given the order and learned that he was in an on/off relationship with a woman named Simone Martin, who lived close to the prison where McClendon died. He was also suspected of being involved in the murder and handed in his resignation to Keane, which she would not accept.

Behind the Scenes


Season 6
"Fair Game" "The Man in the Basement" "The Covenant" "A Flash of Light" "Casus Belli"
"The Return" "Imminent Risk" "Alt. Truth" "Sock Puppets" "The Flag House"
"R for Romeo" America First
Season 7
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