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Chris Brody
Chris Brody profile
Status: Alive
Age: 11
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Father: Nick Brody (d. 2013)
Mother: Jessica Brody
Sibling(s): Dana Brody
Played by: Jackson Pace
Seasons: 1, 2, 3
First episode: "Pilot"

Chris Brody is the son of Nick and Jessica Brody and the younger brother of Dana.


Father's returnEdit

Chris Brody

Chris at home.

With his father missing for most of his life, Chris admits that he doesn't even remember him. (Pilot)

Behind the ScenesEdit


Season 1
Pilot Grace Clean Skin Semper I Blind Spot
The Good Soldier The Weekend Achilles Heel Crossfire Representative Brody
The Vest Marine One
Season 2
The Smile Beirut is Back State of Independence New Car Smell Q&A
A Gettysburg Address The Clearing I'll Fly Away Two Hats Broken Hearts
In Memoriam The Choice
Season 3
Tin Man Is Down Uh... Oo... Aw... Tower of David Game On The Yoga Play
Still Positive Gerontion A Red Wheelbarrow One Last Thing Good Night
Big Man in Tehran The Star

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