Better Call Saul
Homeland 505 - Better Call Saul
Season 5, Episode 5
Written by: Benjamin Cavell & Alex Gansa
Directed by: Michael Offer
Production number: 5WAH05
Running time: 51 minutes
Original airdate: November 1, 2015
Viewers: 1.30
Better Call Saul is the fifth episode of Season 5 of Homeland. It aired on November 1, 2015.


Quinn covers for Carrie. Dar and Allison assess the damage.

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Astrid identifies the man who tried to kill Quinn as a freelancer for the SVR. When Carrie learns this, she surmises that Russia is trying to suppress what is contained in the leaked CIA documents, and endeavors to learn what information they contain. As Quinn recovers from the gunshot, Jonas comes to their hideout with medical supplies and watches over Quinn.

Confirming her alliance with Russia, Allison Carr meets with Krupin to discuss their plans. Allison believes Carrie to have been killed after being shown the staged photo delivered by Quinn. Dar Adal learns that the bomb from General Youssef’s plane resembled ones used by Israel, leading him to wonder if Saul and Etai conspired the bombing. He orders Allison to initiate surveillance on Saul. Allison then manipulates Saul into suspecting Etai by showing him proof that Etai was in Geneva the day before the bombing. Saul goes to question Etai with CIA surveillance watching them.

Carrie learns from Laura Sutton that Numan no longer has the CIA documents, and that they were sold to Russians. Laura suggests that the CIA itself is now the only avenue to retrieve the documents.

When Quinn’s condition becomes dire, Jonas has no choice but to take him to the hospital. Quinn, fearing he will fall into enemy hands, sneaks away instead. Saul gets a message from Carrie and finds her in a car waiting for him outside. Quinn prepares to kill himself by jumping into the water with a cinder block tied to him. Before he does so, a passerby unties him and offers help, which Quinn refuses. With the passerby trailing him, Quinn stumbles around before eventually passing out.


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