Abu Nazir
Abu Nazir
Status: Deceased
Date of birth: 1955
Date of death: 2012
Nationality: Flag of Palestine Palestinian



youngest of four brothers

4 children, youngest child is Issa Nazir

Played by: Navid Negahban
Seasons: 1, 2, 3
First episode: "Pilot"
Last episode: "One Last Thing" (hallucination)

Abu Nazir (1955 – 2012) was a terrorist whom Carrie Mathison of the CIA suspects to have turned USMC Scout Sniper Sergeant Nick Brody against the USA. He served as the main antagonist of the first and second season of Homeland.



Nazir was most notable for his status as an al-Qaeda commander, and proved an especially versatile and elusive target, with CIA receiving intelligence about his location ranging from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. Unusually for a Sunni extremist, he was willing and able to cooperate with Shia extremists such as Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors, making him a particularly high-priority target for the CIA and JSOC.

Nazir attracted the interest of the US intelligence community after he was identified by Nicholas Brody, who was captured by Nazir in Iraq. Nazir eventually moved Brody to Syria; here Nazir was targeted by a CIA drone strike in 2009. The death of Nazir's son and America's refusal to acknowledge the strike or its victims played a key role in radicalizing Brody.

After his rescue by Delta Force operators, Brody identified Nazir as his captor, and US efforts to hutn down Nazir intensified, leading to an abortive JSOC operation in Beirut in which two of his lieutenants were killed but Nazir escaped.

Nazir later focused his efforts on killing the American vice president; the plot was thwarted by a conscience attack by Brody. Nazir later moved to Beirut, where he planned to meet with a local Hezbollah commander, Abu Abbas. Abbas's wife, a CIA assett, informs her handlers of the meet. The US president authorizes the CIA to kill Nazir and Abbas, but Brody warns Nazir and allows him to escape the ambush.

Nazir later infiltrated the US himself, where he succeeded in killing Vice President Walden. He was killed in a shootout with FBI agents in the States. Before dying, however, he managed to plant a bomb at CIA headquarters and succeeded in both killing DCI Estes and framing Brody for the attack.

1955 – Born in Palestine, the youngest of four brothers.

1957 – Family moves to Kuwait. Nazir's father, an engineer in the oil business, becomes an Imam in Ahmadi.

1963–1970 - Nazir goes to a secondary school for foreign workers where he is taught by Palestinians. During a political protest, he burns a Kuwati flag.

1979 December – Nazir returns to the Middle East and makes contact with jihadists when the Ayatola assumes power.

1980 Spring – Nazir goes to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union, and becomes a follower of Abdullah Azzam.

1988 November – Nazir is an important part of the Peshawar Summit.

2003 May – Nazir is coordinating attacks and suicide bombings against the American Coalition.

2004 June 5 – Last confirmed sighting of Nazir is made by a CIA asset in Syria.

2012 - The CIA coordinates a failed attempt to assassinate Abu Nazir.

2012- Nazir visits the US again, presumably to coordinate the terror attack.

Behind The Scenes


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